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Joining Old With New

BOREALIS (Latin), adjective, “northern”

Borealis is a fresh take on an historic site. An enormous subterranean stone tunnel lies under the site, funneling the waters of Bassett Creek to the nearby Mississippi, “the Father of Waters.” Long ago, the Great Northern Railway had its starting point in Minneapolis’s North Loop. Steeped in history and standing on vestiges of the past, Borealis weaves old and new together in a singularly bespoke way.

Designed as a neo-Warehouse District building meant to complement its historic neighbors, Borealis opened in March 2018. It replaced a parking lot near the adjoining 1893 Itasca V building, also owned by Solhem. Borealis brings energy and life to the historic streetscape while providing extra parking for commuters and theater patrons. We aim to create community through thoughtful, sustainable design infused with a fun, modern vibe.



In 2008, Solhem developed its first building, Solhem (“sun home” in Swedish), on a busy block in the Uptown neighborhood. Though we sold the original property, its spirit lives on in the company name. When longtime North Loop resident Robb Miller (TE Miller Development) approached the team about bringing the Solhem concept to the North Loop, a second property, Soltvå, came to life. Borealis is Solhem’s fourth project in the North Loop.

From the outset, Solhem has harnessed the power of good design to improve the quality of life for our residents and our surrounding communities. We know that good design is good for people and the planet. Today, we are recognized as innovators in sustainable design and construction and as a leader in environmental remediation. Read more about Solhem’s sustainability.

Over the last 14 years, Solhem has developed and managed 20+ multi-family properties in some of the Twin Cities’ hottest neighborhoods. Recognized as a best-in-class management and development company, Solhem creates beautiful, sustainable communities that people love.